Release notes for IDfunction Web 2.0

IDfunction Web 2.0 Release Notes
  • Workflow-Engine:

    IDfunction Web 2.0 offers a powerful workflow engine with over 300 connectors to SQL databases, Microsoft Teams and Outlook and much more. Project teams can use the integrated IDfunction Form Builder to create project-related forms and connect them to graphically created workflows. These multifunctional forms allow users to add tasks, comments and attachments, engage colleagues and really digitize everything. The workflow engine also offers the possibility to use 3rd party APIs to fetch or update data automatically. Procedures can be freely defined in order to integrate the work processes appropriately into the corporate environment.

  • OAuth 2.0 authorization:

    IDfunction Web 2.0 uses OAuth 2.0 to authorize users. This ensures that only those people can access the web application who are supposed to.

  • Linux-based Containers:

    IDfunction Web 2.0 is built on Linux-based containers. This makes it very scalable and able to run on different cloud platforms like Kubernetes or Docker.

  • Federated Authentication:

    IDfunction Web 2.0 supports Federated Authentication, which allows users to log in with their existing user accounts, e.g. with their AzureAD, MS-365 or Google account.

  • Support of TTF and OTF-Fonts:

    IDfunction Web 2.0 supports TTF and OTF fonts for optical ID card personalization. This allows a wider range of fonts to be used to design your corporate badge.

  • Generalised and improved error handling:

    IDfunction Web 2.0 has generalized and improved error handling in the web interface. This allows users to better understand error messages and fix errors faster.

With these new functions, IDfunction Web 2.0 offers a powerful and scalable ID management solution for companies that, despite specific and changing requirements, need a simple implementation and design of their workflows and want to use 3rd party APIs to improve their work processes.

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SicherheitsExpo München 2023

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IDfunction Web 2.0 Release Notes

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