Release Notes for IDfunction Web 2.1.0

Release Notes for IDfunction Web 2.1.0


  • Kubernetes: New deployment scheme allows enterprises to deploy IDfunction Web alongside all AI services to their Kubernetes clusters through Helm charts, manage and scale physical identity and access management for the entire enterprise from a single consolidated point.


  • Enhanced Management: Users can now create resource groups to uniformly apply rules and permissions across multiple resources, simplifying administration through a single management point.
  • Nested Group Support: Introducing the ability to create nested groups within a resource group for advanced organizational structures.
  • Consolidated Control: Streamline the process of consolidating permissions and exercising control from a centralized location.


  • Grouping Identities: It is now possible to group identities, allowing for the management of multiple identities under uniform policies.
  • Permission Assignment: Easily assign and revoke permissions, or access to a single resource or a group of resources, across identity groups.

Dynamic Tables:

  • Customizable Views: In the IDfunction Web integration, all tables are now dynamic, enabling users to customize their data views. This includes adding or removing fields as well as filtering, searching, and sorting data according to specific requirements.


  • APIs for Print and Encoding: New APIs are available for print and encoding tasks to enhance print operations.
  • ODATA $filter Query: Support for ODATA $filter queries has been implemented for more efficient data retrieval.
  • IEC API Security: The Import/Export Connector (IEC) API has been updated with permission-based access for improved security.

IDfunction Web 2.1.0 is a modern physical identity and access management software. It has both user self-service and admin features to make identity management fast and efficient:

Facilitate User Onboarding: creating your user account, setting up your profile, and accessing the necessary resources and applications

Ensure Secure Authentication and Access management: Understanding the authentication and access control mechanisms implemented within our identity management software is crucial for maintaining a secure environment.

Empower User Self-Service: We believe in empowering our users to manage their own identities and access privileges whenever possible.

Improve User Productivity: By effectively utilizing the features provided by our identity management software, you can streamline your workflows and improve productivity.

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IDfunction Web 2.0 Release Notes

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