Tailored and innovative

Conceiving and designing multifunctional
company badges is our daily business.


Tailored and innovative
RFID Consulting

We provide manufacture independent consultancy and
support the complete design and implementation cycle.

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You want the secure
company badge?
Here you get independent
RFID consulting

Your company badge should support various systems at different locations? Multifunctional, highly secure and applicable for long-term? Our approach for RFID consulting: Security, audit proof business processes for your badge production, access control, time recording and cashless payment systems.

Which is your topic?

The fitting RFID Solution for you

Systematic protection and security: Data acceptance from HR-Systems, process integration, automated workflows, badge production system and lifecycle management. As a specialist for identity management and badge production systems we usually find the best solution. You benefit from our wide-ranging and extensive experience relating to the subject of RFID-NFC technology, multifunctional company badges and digital identity.

Our solutions transcend system borders. We get started prior to the tender and stay with you beyond the final acceptance.

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Old systems are comfortable but can lead to a lack of competitiveness. Gain a leading edge by efficient, sustainable systems.

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The fluent transition between badge technologies and adaption of various interfaces is one of our key competencies.

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