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IDfunction web

Intelligent ID management with AI-supported functions and a modern, intuitive user interface

Manage personal data easily and intuitively:
IDfunction web – a synonym for smart functions with state-of-the-art management of digital identities such as employees, visitors and objects (e.g. laptop, parking lot, locker). Dynamic and generic credential management for connected systems such as physical or logical access.

Rounded off with individually configurable reporting, IDfunction Web is the ideal solution for making business processes efficient – completely browser-based.

All functions at a glance:

  • Management of personal data and identities

    Automated transfer, manual creation of employee, external company and visitor data, as well as integrated document management.

  • Photo acquisition

    Taking pictures of people with a mobile device (e.g. smartphone) via webcam, AI-supported, recognition of biometric features and automated removal of the background.

  • Appointment and visit management

    Creation and administration of appointment and visit management for internal as well as external persons. If a visit or meeting has been set up, all subsequent processes can be defined and implemented so that the invited visitor receives the functional visitor badge on the desired visit date.

  • Resource management

    Creation and administration of access and authorization profiles for each person and automated distribution to each individual access system or application depending on the location, client or project-specific configuration.

  • Object management

    From the management of parking spaces to company vehicles and smartphones. IDfunction manages every type of object dynamically, so you define on which level which object you want to manage and distribute. With the integrated reporting function, you always have an overview.

Software IDfunction User Interface (Screenshot)

We deliver professional and AI-supported ID management systems, produced in-house and continuously developed – functional solutions that automate and standardize recurring processes, rational tools that reduce effort and increase productivity.

All functions in detail:

Multi-tenant management of master data and freely configurable distribution of the required data and authorizations to other systems. Time and cost savings through self-registration of people (employees, external companies, visitors) as well as management of the profile, e.g. image acquisition, personal data, provision and download of documents via USS.

Creation and management of external company and visitors – manual entry or self-registration. Intuitive assignment of access authorizations, objects (parking lot, locker, etc.) or digital identity (ID).

The IDfunction resource management takes the clear management of access and authorization profiles for third-party systems to the next level. Create templates consisting of the profiles of different third-party systems and assign templates to individuals or dynamically created groups.

Maintain an overview of the inventory and use of company property such as smartphones, laptops, company cars as well as parking spaces and keys. With the object module, dynamic objects can be created and managed on time. Thanks to the integrated reporting, you always have an overview.

The integrated image acquisition recognizes the biometrically correct orientation of the person with the help of AI. In addition, the background can be automatically removed and replaced with a default (color, image). This means that CI guidelines are optimally fulfilled – regardless of location, device and platform.

Provided images can be used for a decentralized or centralized production of the company ID as well as distributed to other systems (intranet, visa, etc.).

Automated validation of stock images according to freely configurable rules.

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IDfunction ID card creation

The professional badge management for the central production of RFID badges. The key features include the following:

  • Data sources

    IDfunction supports different databases such as MS-SQL, Oracle, or Access databases, as well as flat files as a data source.

  • User-Interface

    Freely configurable data entry mask with configurable rights / roles administration

  • RFID coding container

    Configuration and management of the coding containers for all common RFID technologies (Mifare classic, DESFire, Legic prime and advant, ..) via a graphical user interface

  • ID card design

    Design and management of the layouts via a graphical interface for the optical personalization of ID cards

  • Workflow

    IDfunction has a dynamically configurable input mask

  • Photos

    The image acquisition takes place via webcam or DSLR camera, including AI-supported image adjustment.

  • Customization

    Initializes and personalizes RFID media optically and electronically for all applications in the company such as access, payment, machine authentication or EV chargers.

Mehr Infos im IDfunction Datenblatt-PDF zum Download.

Software IDfunction Ausweiserstellung (Screenshot)

IDfunction is the universal management, printing and coding solution for all common RFID cards. Several technologies such as Legic and DESFire can be coded and then optically personalized in one production process.

All functions in detail:

Universal database connection via ADO data interface. IDfunction can be used with our proven IDfunction database. We can optionally map processes, interfaces or central number range management. Or you have an inventory database, no problem for IDfunction, up to a CSV data source.

It has never been so intuitive to configure any type of RFID container via a graphical user interface. IDfunction supports all common RFID technologies such as Legic, Mifare- / DESFire EV1 / EV2 / EV3. IDfunction offers extensive configuration options for all parameters of the respective coding technology, as well as variable data objects directly from the database or at the time of the production of an ID, right up to formula support with a function library.

IDfunction has an integrated layout designer for creating the individual layouts in your organization. Both static layout objects and variable map layout objects are supported.

A central ID card issuing system with decentralized ID card production. Depending on the location and application, you can produce your individual company ID for each location. Produce the individual ID cards in your company, optical and electronic, in one process for each user group (employees, visitors, sub-contractors). If necessary, also 2FA.

In IDfunction you can freely configure your individual data entry mask. Starting with the individual data fields up to each function button can be freely configured. Depending on the authorization level and client, you can decide who is allowed to see and do what via the user interface, right through to taking pictures using a DSLR/digital camera or webcam.

IDfunction – badge creation made simple!
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RFID TAG-Analyzer

Analysis tool for all common RFID media in the 125kHz and 13.56MHz range

  • Delivers meaningful, reliable results without in-depth RFID know-how
  • Creates an efficient basis for system integrations and migrations
  • Determines and presents the exact hardware and data information
  • Has an integrated PDF report function
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Analyze RFID easily and intuitively …

The new TAG-Analyzer simplifies your daily work in dealing with RFID media. The software has a very modern and intuitively designed interface and is therefore the perfect tool to deliver reliable results for your project progress without in-depth RFID know-how.

You would like to analyze RFID ID cards, present your customer with a migration concept or add an access application to the employee ID card, then the TAG-Analyzer is your perfect companion. With the TAG-Analyzer, all RFID media, including so-called hybrid ID cards (card body contains several RFID technologies) can be analyzed in one step and the result displayed in a very clear form.

An integrated report function enables your analyzes to be output as a report (PDF).

Download: TAG-Analyzer PDF-Flyer.

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Tech update: As of now, the TAG-Analyzer software can optionally be equipped with a Legic MTSC extension. With the activation, all available Legic Master Tokens are supported and the creation of Sub-GAM, IAM, IAM +, SAM63, SAM64 and SAM + cards is enabled.

All functions in detail:

  • Technology (s) with exact chip designation and unique chip number
  • (UID) All available parameters of the RFID chip
  • Overview of free / used memory Overview of existing RFID applications / segments
  • Data content of individual RFID applications / segments (depending on access rights such as SAM 63 or Read Key)
  • All available Legic prime and Legic advant transponders are supported
  • For access to read-protected Legic segments, the necessary Legic master tokens (SAM63) can be read in and removed again at any time (SAM64)
  • All common transponders from the Mifare family are supported.
  • The keys required to access the data from Mifare classic or Mifare DESFire can be entered and managed using a very intuitive input mask.
  • Support of ISO15693 technology
  • Support of LF transponders (HID prox, Hitag, EM4x00, etc.)

Hardware: A Windows x86 or x64 client is required for the installation
Connections: 1 x USB 2.0 connection
Linence activation: Takes place via the included activation card

1 x tag analyzer software
1 x RFID desktop reader with USB connection
1 x user manual in electronic form
1 x online or offline activation

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IDkiosk – Badge Kiosking

The intuitive coding tool for expanding and changing existing RFID content

IDkiosk is the ideal solution for in-house coding. The key features include the following:

  • IDkiosk transfers information from old to new ID cards
  • IDkiosk deletes ID data
  • IDkiosk creates dynamic codes by simply placing the ID card
  • IDkiosk enables project-specific process configuration for all common RFID transponders
  • The configuration of IDkiosk is very intuitive and is adapted to the individual customer needs. Subsequent application of applications to issued ID cards is always possible.

The restructuring of employee ID cards, such as deleting existing applications, loading new applications and transferring data from existing applications to the new container, is child’s play with IDkiosk.

The graphic surface of the status display can be configured and designed with your own graphics. An optional import function for personal data (processing of inventory lists) and the freely configurable coding protocols (generation, storage, transmission) complete the offer.


ID-Kiosk is a scalable software solution from evolutionID. Reliable, transparent, flexible.

The software supports all common RFID technologies, can be used very flexibly, and is very efficient thanks to short implementation times and without personnel expenditure. Security is also ensured at all times by a special admin card and the boot-up kiosk mode with automatic logging.

  • Multifunctional

    Support of all common RFID technologies (Legic prime, Legic advant, Mifare classic, Mifare DESFire.

  • Flexible use
    Freely definable recoding processes, configurable graphical user interface and project-specific recoding protocols (dynamic log function).
  • Efficient

    Short implementation times, deployment without personnel expenditure, recoding during operation, recoding process by the user.

  • Secure

    Registration via special admin card, boot-up directly in kios mode, termination only by authorized users and freely configurable logging of processes.

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