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RFID Readers / Writers:

Our read / write devices are available as modules, OEM boards and in housings. We offer you maximum flexibility for all areas of application.

Special features: Low frequency, high frequency, NFC and BLE combined in one device.

On request, we can create customer-specific firmware for you, which enables data to be output from the desired memory area in the desired format with the desired interface.

Together with our customers, we also develop special solutions for hardware and software if standard products cannot meet the requirements and thus connect the physical world with the digital world.

As a technology and sales partner of Elatec, we offer you the entire Elatec HW family with accessories, because we are firmly convinced that our partner’s hardware offers several unique selling points in every respect. We provide you with full support both in terms of sales and technology. We know the properties and specifications of the individual devices that are suitable for your project. Let us advise you!

Our RFID reader recommendations:

Together with our partner ELATEC, we offer secure and flexible solutions for all types of authentication or authorization that you need in your company. With high-performance RFID hardware from ELATEC as well as our competent advice and software solutions, we can optimally master your individual challenges.

TWN4 Slim TWN4 Slim LEGIC is ideal for installation in computers and devices, especially MFP printers with optional attachable and snap-in covers.

The module supports all common standards for LF and HF technologies. Smartphone identification solutions such as NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy are also integrated and can be used for mobile applications in data communication and authentication.

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ID printer and encoder

We only use high-quality and flexible card printing solutions from well-known and established manufacturers. The devices are ideal for printing high-quality cards from visual ID cards to access control cards and cards for cashless payments.

  • For the production of chip cards, visitor, external company or employee IDs
  • Available with network interface or USB connection
  • We equip the ID card encoders with an RFID coding unit for electronic personalization, which is controlled directly via IDfunction
  • The devices are available for TRW printing, colored dye sublimation printing and high-quality retransfer printing
  • Print output on one or two sides, with or without individual security features
  • Depending on the design, the printers are suitable for use cases with a low frequency of ID card production, but also for complex requirements that require hundreds of ID cards per day

Our printer recommendations:

Magicard offers high quality and flexible card printing solutions. The printers are ideal for printing from employee IDs to access control and visitor IDs.

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Robust, durable, reliable and equipped with Digital Shredding (TM), the Magicard 300 is perfect for schools, universities and medium-sized companies. When it comes to secure ID printing, you can rely on the Magicard 300.

Features: High security standards | Trusted HoloKote® Identity | High Quality at 300 x 300 dpi | Easy to use | Flexible and efficient | Fast printing speed | Easy updates and upgrades

We only supply our customers with original ribbons and consumables for card printers in order to guarantee the best possible print result. Original Magicard consumables meet strict quality standards and deliver consistent printing results.

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Media and consumables

Media for all common RFID technologies

RFID cards of all technologies, HF and LF (125kHz or 13.56 MHz) are used in our projects. Processor IDs such as the Smart MX ID with native support from Mifare DESFire and applets such as the versatile Legic Advant) are very important to our customers.

Auch Dual-Interface- und Hybrid-Ausweise (gemischte Technologien) können zum Einsatz gebracht werden. Kombinationen von CTC (Legic Prime + Advant) und weitere Technologiemischungen auf Anfrage, z.B. Mifare DESFire + EM4102 bietet einen großen Vorteil bei der Migration von einer Ausweisgeneration zu einer anderen.

Weitere Informationen zu den diversen Technologien finden Sie in unserer Knowledge-Base.


  • ID holders and ID containers
  • Yoyos
  • Fastenings and clips
  • Lanyards

ID cards

  • Plastic cards (print only)
  • RFID badges
  • Legic
  • NXPMifare / DESFIreEV1 / EV2 / EV3
  • TRW ID cards (rewritable) [LinkàFlyer]
  • RFID wooden cards

All RFID transponders are also available precoded to customer specifications.

Other forms

  • Key fobs with freely selectable logo, lettering and technology
  • Beacons (BLE key fobs) and fobs
  • Stickers, labels & tags (RFID stickers)

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