RFID Cards

Explanation of Technology, Functioning
and Fields of application of RFID cards.

RFID Cards


  • Cards according to ISO 7810
  • Reading ranges between 2 mm and 5 m
  • Several RFID chips per card possible
  • Can be realized as a long-life or high-temperature card for heavy use
  • HF cards (13.56 MHz) according to ISO 14443/15693

The RFID card technology stands for the wear-free data transmission via radio. Corresponding transmission protocols are standardized worldwide for different safety and comfort requirements. The range of RFID cards varies between two millimeters and five meters. RFID cards are used in access control and time recording systems as well as in loyalty and payment systems. We offer almost all RFID chip types, even multi-chip-solutions in one smart card are possible. If you need assistance in choosing the right chip, our specialists are happy to help.

  • MIFARE Classic® EV1 – 4 Byte NUID  1K oder 4K
  • MIFARE Classic® EV1 – 7 Byte UID     1K oder 4K
  • MIFARE Plus® S / X     2K oder 4K
  • MIFARE Plus® SE        1K
  • MIFARE DESFire® EV1            2K, 4K oder 8K
  • MIFARE DESFire® EV2            2K, 4K oder 8K
  • MIFARE Ultralight®    Ultralight / C
  • LEGIC prime®  256 o. 1024 Byte
  • LEGIC advant® 1024 o. 4096 Byte
  • LEGIC CTC®      1K prime+3K advant
  • ICODE®            SLI oder SLIX

P5CD081 mit J31081 MIFARE® 1K Emulation & JCOP 2.4.1

  • NXP NTAG® 203
  • NXP NTAG® 213
  • EM       4200, 4450
  • HITAG  1, 2 oder S
  • Temic  5577
  • NXP UCODE®   G2iL oder G2iM
  • Alien Higgs®    3 oder 4
  • Impinj Monza® 4         4E, 4D oder 4QT
  • Impinj Monza® 6         R6, R6-P, S6-C
  • Print & Colors    e.g. offset, screen printing
  • Material   e.g. HT or wood cards
  • Surface finishing    e.g. hot stamping, relief varnish
  • Additional equipment    e.g. writing field, TRW area
  • Security features   e.g. Hologram, guilloche
  • Format    e.g. minimap, label, trailer
  • Personalization    e.g.. For example, number, coding
  • additional media    e.g. RFID or magnetic stripe
Beispiel mit einer RFID-Smartcard mit unsichtbarem Chip und Antenne

Example of an RFID smart card with invisible chip and antenna.

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