Worth knowing about contact chipcards

Explanation of Technology, Functioning
and Application of various chip cards.

Contact chip cards for every purpose

The term smart cards generally includes all integrated circuit plastic cards in a format specified in ISO 7816. In general, chip cards can be subdivided as follows:
Contact chip cards are versatile disks that can contain simple memory or complete processors. They serve as credit or debit cards, as bonus or loyalty cards, as identity cards for access, IT access, time registration and payment functions. Contact chip cards are also used in telecommunications, pay-TV, healthcare and many other industries. Contact chip cards are produced in accordance with ISO 7810/7816 as a white card or with individual printing and equipment. Contact chip cards can also be combined with other data carriers. Combination options can be found under the term combination and hybrid cards.

Memory or processor chip?

Memory chips hold data volumes between 256 bytes and 128 Kbytes and have little or no read or write protection. They are suitable as data storage, for identification and for marketing applications, for example as a loyalty card in solar or fitness studios.

By contrast, processor chips have a very high degree of protection and can also process data in applications, encrypt it securely and provide it for multiple applications.

Contact chips:

  • FM24C02/Ari24LC02   256 Byte
  • Ari24LC16        2 KByte
  • Ari24LC64        8 KByte
  • Ari24LC256      32 KByte
  • Ari24LC512      64 KByte
  • FM4442 (SLE5542 kompatibel)          256 Byte
  • FM4428 (SLE5528 kompatibel)          1 KByte
  • SLE5542/SLE 5528 – abgekündigt
  • Gemalto Cyberflex Access 64K
  • Gemalto .NET 510 (.NET IM V3)
  • Atos CardOS 4.2C        SLE 66CX360PE
  • Atos CardOS 4.4          SLE 66CX680PE
  • Atos CardOS 5.x          SLE 78C(L)XxxxP
  • SmartMX® G&D Sm@artCaféExpert 3.2        NXP P5CD080
  • SmartMX® G&D Sm@artCaféExpert 6.0        P5CD145
  • SmartMX® NXP JCOP V2.4.1   P5CD081 (J3A081)
  • SmartMX® NXP JCOP V2.4.2  P5CD081 (J3D081)
  • Print & Colors e.g. offset, screen printing
  • Material e.g HT Card 85
  • Surface finishing e.g hot stamping, spot varnish
  • Additional equipment e.g writing field, TRW area
  • Security features e.g Hologram, guilloche
  • Personalization e.g For example, number, coding
  • additional media e.g RFID or magnetic stripe

Example of a contact chip card with visible chip interface

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