Combi cards and hybrid cards

Explanation of Technology, Functioning and
Fields of application of combination and hybrid cards.

Combi cards and hybrid cards

Hybrid cards connect infrastructures …

Many organizations have many years of growing infrastructure for a variety of applications (e.g., access, time tracking, payment systems, etc.) that are often based on different data carriers. Technological advances, increasing security demands or company acquisitions have led to the need to combine different chips and other data carriers into a single card.

Depending on the technologies in use, a hybrid card may be the only option for an interim solution, allowing existing systems and reader generations to operate in parallel. For migrations, the transition to the selected future technology with combo cards can be made easier and economically viable.

Hybrid cards combine different types of media on the same medium. In principle, almost all known technologies can be combined from magnetic stripe via infrared codes to contact and RF chips (see features). The special feature of the hybrid card is that all technologies are operated independently of each other on the card.

Combo cards contain at least two similar technologies, typically multiple RFID chips, with identical or different resonant frequencies. This can create interactions that affect reading and writing performance.

  • ISO 7810 compliant – credit card quality
  • magnetic stripe
  • Barcode 1D and 2D
  • RFID HF (13.56 MHz), LF (125 kHz), UHF (968 MHz)
  • Contact chip
  • Inductive code and infrared code
  • Print & Colors    e.g. offset, screen printing
  • Material & strength    e.g. HT Card
  • Surface finishing    e.g hot stamping
  • Additional equipment    e.g Write field
  • Security features    e.g Hologram, guilloche
  • Personalization    e.g lfd. number, coding
Combi cards hybrid cards

Hybrid cards combine different types of media on the same medium. Combo cards facilitate z. As the migration and can be made economically viable.

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