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What matters on badge production

The multi-functional company badge bundles the digital identity of an employee. The production and administration of the badge, no matter if for a private individual or an organization should not be sourced out. Why not? Generally speaking, due to the increased risk of data loss or corruption of personal data at external badge production. Furthermore, because:

  • Sensitive, personalized data should not be handed out to third parties
  • Inhouse life cycle management is preferable
  • Superior protection and usability of digital identity when not sourced out

The badge production should therefore ideally be realized and administrated at an inhouse secure area, accessible for authorized employees only.

access-appAlmost every major company and agency today uses employee ID cards. A central requirement is the security of the IDs – both in terms of their production and their nature. High encryption is the basic requirement.

This is how you control your data

A tailored badge production system protects your data from unauthorized third parties and provides higher efficiency and more transparency. It assures that only the technically required data are distributed to affected sub-systems. Only authorized employees have access to the data.

The automated in-house badge production has several advantages: the employee does not have to wait days and weeks to receive the ID-card, as it would be the case with most external badge production service providers. He receives the badge right after the card was produced and can start working productively. The internal processes are not handed out to third parties and the life cycle management stays within the company. All processes can be safely retraced.

In case an employee loses the company badge, the potential damage is minimalized. At the push of a button the authorized employee declares a certificate for invalid and invalidates thereby the lost ID-card. The smart card, including RFID information, PKI, PC-Logon and encryption data will easily be newly produced with an updated certificate, since all required data is available in the in-house CMS.

Our commitment…

As a specialist for identity management and badge production systems we will make yours a state-of-the-art system. You will have a complete overview of the use of each single multi-functional company-ID. Optimized business processes assure your employees can focus on their actual tasks. We will arrange that required workflows adapt to your in-house specific circumstances.


RFID badge with photo

The classic employee badge – An integrated RFID chip turns the employee badge into a transponder. A medium that is not only reliable and cost effective, but also great for access control and time tracking.

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