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Modernisation – better late than never, but best as soon as required!

The trigger for modernisations is not always internal problems or plans. Legal obligations, customer requirements or guidelines by the parent company often cause adjustments of processes or systems. This demand is usually to complete within a given period in form of passing an audit. Whether internal or external request, we lead your company through all periods of the modernisation:

➥ State Analysis

“How well is the security of my company and affected systems?” The answer to this question can cause a complex consideration of workflows, interfaces and hardware. The question should be answered instantly, conscientiously and positively during a modernization, prior to being considered by a third party.

➥ Identify Requirements

„What are the various approaches?“ If filling security gaps, reducing complexity, generate, administrate or utilize digital identity. Creating value is possible on each level. We locate the starting points with the highest potential of optimization for your company.

➥ Target-Conception

„Which advantages can I reach by the modernization?“ By our meaningful concepts we deliver planning security and value adding recommendations for action. We are specialized in optimizing and we think in future-proof master plans, which make workflows scalable and trouble-free over years.

➥ Implementation

„Do I have to implement the concept all alone?“ No. We gladly undertake implementation of the modernization concept and the communication with all affected parties. Our team ensures the right information flow between all participants. Prior to, during and post implementation. Together we will complete your project reliably and on schedule.

➥ Start-up

„Everything seems to work, but how do I keep track and exploit the established potential?“ After successful start-up of the complete system, which we obviously accompany intensively, the progress should be evident. This stands out the best, when your employees are familiar with the new system. That is why we mediate your employees the advantage and usability of the new environment in form of creative workshops and trainings.

➥ Maintenance of the concept

„System successfully accepted, are we still reachable?“ Of course ! We want, that your modernized system can be operated long term and be extendable. Thereby we gladly support you during the complete product and process life cycle.

Modernisation does not have to be difficult

The reasons to decide to update the company ID are various. No matter what your reason is, it is important that the modernization process is conducted thoroughly and conscientiously. An extensive analysis of processes, interfaces and existing hardware is the basis. The requirement analysis is built on this basis. Its purpose is locating potentials for optimization. The target conception defines what you want to reach finally. To make sure everything will be realized exactly as desired, we need to work together. We organize the information flow between all participants, ensure the implementation on schedule and assist and advise your employees also during the operation of the modernized infrastructure.

Modernisation thorough and conscientious

We modernize thoroughly and conscientiously. An extensive analysis of processes, interfaces and existing hardware is the basis.

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