Gentle migration to new technologies

You want a seamless transition to a new RFID generation.
Rely on us. We're migrating their badge technologies
without it frictional losses occur.

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Migration – how, when nothing can go wrong?

The migration of a badge generation to another has to be planned well, even if you “only” want to modernize technology in existing systems. The fluent switch to the new RFID-platform is one of our core competencies, including adapting various sub systems.

➥ Your demand

„Which technologies do I have to replace first, which workflows are affected?“ In many companies the technology of employee IDs is outdated for years and decades. We tell you what you need to be aware of. We explain, how to replace with state-of-the-art technology. This will not only cause more security but also enables the integration of more complex workflows. Systematic, efficient and safe migration.

➥ Optimizing Processes

„How do I recognize that processes must be optimized?“ This is more complicated than you might imagine. It is not done by destroying the old card and using the new one. It is important to not overlook approaches to optimize processes during the modernization. The old technology might not have displayed the processes transparently. Backed by extensive experience, we know what areas require special attention. We design your switch of technology as efficient and trouble free as possible.

➥ Approach the Change

„What am I going to do, if the badge does not work when changing?“ Obviously some things can go wrong sometimes. However, finalized every single project successfully yet. Our know-how is your backup, that the migration will succeed. Thereby we implement all existing and new defined workflows and applications into the new system.

  • Which pitfalls for Migration?
  • What do I have to do, to make Systems future proof?
  • How to assume data from old badges?
  • Which processes interact, how can I insert the new badge into various systems?

Besides those questions, you will also have to decide for a suitable supplier, adapt interfaces and create a state / target analysis. For all those tasks we support you, from the first requirement analysis to the implementation and acceptance.

➥ Accompany the product life cycle

„The new company badge is implemented. Great. What happens if it is outdated again?” The project does not end for us when the migration is finished. We assist and advise you anytime. After a change to the state-of-the-art RFID technology, a new technology is coming. Of course, this will take a long time, since the new systems are modular and extendable. We not only have the experience of 20 years hands-on implementation but will also be able assist your company during the next 20 years. You can count on us accompanying the whole product life cycle of your new company badge in the future.

To make your badge migration work

Whoever wants to change to a new badge technology, needs systematic and strategic approaches. Destroy the old card and use the new one falls to short. For example, processes must be optimized and made transparent, which was not the case before. A state / target concept creates the frame, which scopes all activities of the migration. For the migration itself its mandatory to know which processes interact and how the RFID-technology can fit into the existing infrastructure.


RFID label

RFID product labeling for reliable, fast and error-free product identification provides a new innovation for both industry and commerce. The RFID tags can be applied to products, packaging or pallets similar to traditional labels.

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