Complete solution from a single source

We are thinking outside the box. Your request begins
for us not until the finished tender and doesn't end
until an acceptance is signed.

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Carefree Package or pig in a poke?

Integrate us as a part of your team and connect us seamlessly in every stage of your project. We will care for the implementation of your project within agreed time and budget frames.

➥ Requirement

„Where to start?“ We assist and advise you even before the project is actually started. Avoid failures and benefit from our competencies and one permanent contact, who will identify the right approach for your demand.

➥ Solutions

„What are the possibilities?“ We have implemented numerous projects as complete solutions and fall back on a valuable wealth of experience. Together with your team we chose the ideal way to your desired solutions.

➥ Concept

„How will my favored solution be implemented?“ We will answer this question with our professional and detailed concept work. Of course, we are also well set up to implement your concept, we do not want to keep it in theory only.

➥ Implementation

„Do I have to Implement my concept all alone?“ No. With our hands on experienced team we gladly take the lead to implement your project and support until the goal is reached.

  • Where do I get the mediums (Badge, key fob, etc.)?
  • How can I create interfaces between affected systems (internal, suppliers, service provider, etc.)?
  • Which hardware to use?

Where do I get replacement mediums and how can I produce them myself?

You will have to decide this and many more questions. We are at home in those markets for more than 20 years. Together we take the right choices for future and tamper-proof system without oversizing.

➥ Start-up

„Everything seems to work, but how do I keep track and exploit the established potential?“ After successful start-up of the complete system, which we obviously accompany intensively, the progress should be evident. This stands out the best, when your employees are familiar with the new system. That’s why we mediate your employees the advantage and usability of the new environment in form of creative workshops and trainings.

➥ Maintenance

„A new process is added, what next?“ No matter if it comes to conflicts between existing interfaces, the database is not unavailable or an employee is blocked, because he forgot his company ID – there are plenty of reasons to decide for a professional maintenance of the complete solution. We undertake this for you and ensure, that you and your employees can focus on your core tasks.

Together we can reach the Summit

For an IT-Project it is like real life. An initial euphoria is now and then followed by disillusionment. We demand, that the way does not lead into the valley of tears but, after clarifying possible problems, leads to the summit of expectations. As consulting team with many years of experience, we know the about the potential challenges in each step of the projects. We support in the concept period of the complete solution, sort out detailed questions and undertake the entire project management. In addition, optionally we take care of the professional maintenance of the new systems we implemented.

We support you in the concept phase of complete solutions, clarify detailed questions or take on the entire project management.

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