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What is OSS Standard Offline?

The previous proprietary strategy of the manufacturers and suppliers of electronic offline locks prevented a commercially optimized procurement and technically simple use in one system. The standard creates the basis for using locking components from different manufacturers in an access control system.

The technique

The transfer of data between an access control system and the offline closing components is ensured by the standardized OSS data interface. Cross-system functionality of the components is guaranteed by certification within the OSC e.G.. The uniform structure is recognized by the hardware of the certified manufacturers and used in a similar way. This is a decisive step forward in the area of access control applications.

Introduction and Implementation of the OSS Offline Standards – With us you get the know-how first-hand, because we have defined and developed this now recognized standard in cooperation with our partners.

The OSC definition describes a technique that allows the cross-system use of a RFID medium. OSC overcomes the system limits!

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