IDfunction – wie wir mit einem ID-Management-System kurzen Prozess machen

Establish central digital identities, decentralized recurring administrative processes in human resources and security.

Establish a central digital identity, organize and automate recurring administrative processes in HR and security in a decentralized manner, independent of time and location: IDfunction makes ID management in the company a good deal easier and more secure. Our system not only saves resources and costs, but also increases acceptance.

When it comes to digital identities, evolutionID has been the right partner for over 20 years:  We develop and distribute professional and AI-based ID management systems for public authorities, large companies and SMEs, for clinics and student unions. The focus is always on increasing efficiency and automating processes: Recurring administrative processes, such as personnel or visitor handling, must be mapped and executed as efficiently as possible in the ID management system.

This is more complex than it first appears: In modern companies, every employee needs a variety of credentials: They have to authenticate themselves for access control, time recording, PC log-on, and the payment system in the cafeteria. They have to identify themselves when they use certain machines or when they pick up or return work clothes. To disentangle this complexity, to implement the administration intuitively and user-friendly, that is the goal of our ID management system IDfunction, which we developed ourselves from scratch.

For authentication, each employee needs a personalized ID card, printed on both sides with a photo, personal details and, of course, an RFID chip according to common standards such as Legic or DESFire. This chip must be activated for the various security-critical areas. Today, this is often done by registering the card with each individual system. This can be done, but in practice it is quite error-prone and cost-intensive, and above all risky!

If you have to register every newly hired employee with numerous island systems, from access control to machine use to laundry output, this initially costs unnecessary time and money. But real security risks arise when a lost or stolen badge has access authorizations for sensitive areas and cannot be blocked quickly enough from all relevant security systems in a fragmented system.

A central digital identity, which is accessed by all security-relevant systems, forms the basis for optimizing processes such as the hiring or termination of an employee, but also the blocking management of badges that are no longer valid, in such a way that not only many unnecessary entries but also security gaps are avoided. The efficiency of the implemented processes therefore reflects the security level 1:1.

We are firmly convinced: The security of a company is the result of individual efficiently implemented processes. Following the KISS principle – Keep It Save and Simple – we have developed our own intuitive, innovative and AI-based ID management system: IDfunction. Via this central ID management system, important processes are organized decentrally, independent of time and location. In this way, we save resources, increase efficiency, raise the level of security – and drastically reduce costs.

The selfie for the employee ID card

What does this look like in practice? Imagine acompany with 30,000 employees that introduces an ID management system. HR data is provided automatically via interfaces, and individual authorizations are configured. But to produce an employee ID card, it still needs a photo that uniquely assigns the card to the employee. The optical identity is part of the digital identity.

If you invite every employee to the photo session, you can multiply the number of employees by several minutes of walking plus the time for the photo. In this way calculate what an employee  could have done better with this working time – and what the whole action will cost the company.

With IDfunction,every employee or visitor can take their own picture using different end devices, for example, via smartphone, tablet or PC client, or upload an existing picture. A platform-neutral, browser-based user interface makes it possible. AI-based face recognition accompanies the user during the capture, and the result is a perfect and valid photo. The image background can be automatically extraacted via AI and replaced according to CI specifications. Optionally, the image can even be subjected to further automated verification to determine if it meets the requirements of a true biometric image.This feature is a must for any government agency. The image is then available in the system, and the person responsible for further processing is automatically notified, for example by e-mail or SMS. She now knows that the photo is available for the production of an ID card.

Streamlined photo capture is just one of countless examples of professional and efficient workflows that a contemporary identity management system like IDfunction offers today: Processes are decentralized, workloads are reduced. 

We see our task not least in identifying the relevant processes at the customer and implementing them automatically in IDfunction. These processes are just as complex and diverse as our numerous customers. So our system will never be completely finished – and we think that’s a good thing, so we would be happy if you continued to follow us.

Even this article will never be finished – because we will inform you step by step about further functions and application areas of IDfunction.

Stay excited…