• Ausweisproduktion an der Universität Luxembourg

evolutionID revolutionizes ID card production at the University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is setting new standards in ID card production with the innovative “IDfunction with IDimage” project. The cooperation with the company evolutionID enables an efficient, modern process that makes daily routines run smoothly at six different production sites.

⦿ University of Luxembourg in focus:

At the beginning of the project we take a quick look at the renowned University of Luxembourg. With its international orientation and commitment to excellence in research and teaching, the university is the ideal partner for innovative solutions.

⦿ evolutionID as the key to success:

The University of Luxembourg is starting a collaboration with evolutionID, a company that specializes in modern digital identity solutions. By introducing automated processes, flexible user authorizations and AI-supported image capture, evolutionID with IDfunction is revolutionizing ID card production at the University of Luxembourg.

⦿ Automated data import and flexible user permissions:

A central aspect of the project was the integration of an automated data import from the Matrix access system. evolutionID has pragmatically expanded this process to enable flexible user authorization based on master data. This seamless, real-time data transfer between the two systems ensures smooth daily operations and efficient management of user permissions.

⦿ AI-powered image capture and design customization:

A highlight of the project is the AI-supported image capture IDimage. People are photographed at six different production sites, with the images automatically being embedded into the ID card design in the desired format. The image background is neutralized with just one click, which not only increases efficiency but also contributes to a uniform appearance of the ID cards.

⦿ ID card production in record time:

ID card production is surprisingly easy for users. The imported and enriched data automatically creates the ID profile to be used. A final look at the ID card preview and one click are enough to print the ID card including coding in about ten seconds – an impressive work process that combines all the steps in one.

⦿ Conclusion:

The evolutionID project at the University of Luxembourg sets new standards in ID card production. Through the intelligent integration of technologies and collaboration with the evolutionID team, the university not only eases the administrative effort, but also creates a modern, efficient process that meets the requirements of modern ID card production.

Press contact:

evolutionID GmbH
Nördliche Auffahrtsallee 19
80638 München

About evolutionID:

For more than 20 years, evolutionID has been providing its customers with manufacturer-independent consulting services and designing custom-fit solutions on the topics of RFID, digital identity, Identity-Management and Industry 4.0. The established company based in Munich specializes in specific solutions for medium-sized and large customers in industry and public authorities and has even developed its own browser-based identity management system, IDfunction. With seamless process chains for efficient, AI-supported ID card creation and management, evolutionID creates more transparency, increases the level of security and lowers costs. As a full-service provider, evolutionID takes on projects from analysis to consulting and conception through to complete, ready-to-use solutions.

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