• Effiziente Lösung, schnelle Reaktionszeiten: Die kompetente Unterstützung von evolutionID für EURONICS Deutschland eG

Streamlined Solutions, Rapid Response: Expert Support from evolutionID for EURONICS Deutschland eG

In today’s fast-paced business world, where technology plays a central role, even small software updates can bring unforeseen challenges. Deutschland eG, a leading company in the electronics industry, recently faced such a challenge when a Windows update affected the compatibility of their card issuance systems. Solving this problem required quick action, technical expertise and a customized approach – and this is where evolutionID came in.

The Challenge

Following a recent update to the Windows operating system, EURONICS Deutschland eG discovered that the existing software and hardware for ID card production were no longer compatible. In a world where identification and access systems are vital to operations, this could have a serious impact on the company’s security and efficiency.

The quick response

evolutionID, a company known for its innovative solutions in the field of identification technologies, responded immediately to EURONICS’ needs. Within a very short time, a team of experts was on site to analyze the problem and develop a solution. The challenge was to ensure a seamless integration of the existing systems with the latest technology to make the ID card production fully functional again.

The solution

Through an in-depth analysis of the existing ID card structure, the evolutionID team succeeded in transferring it into their own IDfunction card production. This was a decisive step in solving the compatibility problems and creating the basis for a forward-looking solution. At the same time, a database was set up that not only provided an overview of the existing cards, but also made it possible to create new ID cards. With just two on-site appointments, evolutionID succeeded in completely converting the card creation process for EURONICS Deutschland eG.

The result

The result of this project was nothing less than remarkable. Not only were the immediate challenges solved, but EURONICS Deutschland eG now also has a modern, efficient and forward-looking system for creating ID cards. The satisfaction on both sides, both the client and the contractor, was a clear sign of the project’s success.


This story underlines the importance of agility, expertise and customer centricity in today’s business world. It shows how collaboration between a leading technology provider and a well-known customer can not only overcome challenges, but also turn them into opportunities. For companies like EURONICS Deutschland eG, it is invaluable to have partners like evolutionID on their side, ready to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected problems. This case is a shining example of how technology, when used correctly, can help companies adapt to the ever-changing demands of the modern business world.

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For more than 20 years, evolutionID has been providing its customers with manufacturer-independent consulting services and designing custom-fit solutions on the topics of RFID, digital identity, Identity-Management and Industry 4.0. The established company based in Munich specializes in specific solutions for medium-sized and large customers in industry and public authorities and has even developed its own browser-based identity management system, IDfunction. With seamless process chains for efficient, AI-supported ID card creation and management, evolutionID creates more transparency, increases the level of security and lowers costs. As a full-service provider, evolutionID takes on projects from analysis to consulting and conception through to complete, ready-to-use solutions.

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