• Introduction of a uniform ID card management system across multiple locations in China at thyssenkrupp Fawer Spring Co. Ltd

Photo: Florian Schön, Lin Cheng

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Introduction of a uniform ID card management system across multiple locations in China at thyssenkrupp Fawer Spring Co. Ltd

A significant innovation has been introduced at thyssenkrupp Fawer Spring Co. Ltd: uniform ID card production at several locations in China. This innovation simplifies and accelerates the management of digital identities for employees and visitors. The efficiency of ID card production has also been noticeably improved.

By standardizing the process for creating personal data and implementing a user-friendly, graphical interface, identities can now be managed conveniently. With just one click, an image can be captured or uploaded, and the ID card can be both encoded and printed in one step. This not only saves time, but also resources and significantly increases acceptance.

After ID card production, the personal and ID card data is automatically distributed to other systems, such as the access system. The person is immediately provided with initial access authorizations, which allows immediate access to the necessary areas.

The commissioning of this system at three locations was impressively quick:
Training and test operation were completed within just four working days.

Another advantage of the new ID card is its international usability. Employees can now also use the ID card on international business trips, as the data is managed centrally by various IDfunction instances. This ensures seamless integration and use at locations spread across the world.

The system of global usability is now being rolled out further so that in the future all locations with IDfunction ID card production can achieve mutual usability. This expansion enables employees to use their ID cards across locations and worldwide, further increasing the efficiency and flexibility of the workforce.

The introduction of uniform ID card production marks an important step towards greater efficiency and user-friendliness at thyssenkrupp Fawer Spring Co. Ltd. Employees benefit from the easy handling and quick availability of their ID cards, while the company saves time and money through the optimized ID card management system processes.

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