evolutionID GmbH presents itself at the Munich security expo on June 28th and 29th, 2023. Visit us at our booth in hall 2 booth F08. We are very much looking forward to welcoming many guests again this year.

IDfunction Web 2.0 offers a powerful workflow engine with over 300 connectors to SQL databases, Microsoft Teams and Outlook and much more. Other features in this update include OAuth 2.0 authorization, Linux-based containers, federated authentication, TTF and OTF font support, and generalized and improved error handling.

Identity management refers widely to organizing and administrating the identities of individuals within a network, a company, or a country. That sounds like a huge mountain full of obstacles – we tell you how to reach the peak!

Implementing a smart physical identity and access management system (PIAM) can be highly beneficial for medium businesses and enterprises. Automated workflows, trusted identities and platform independent access take operations to the next level.

Security and identity have become core values for organisations. But how can enterprises benefit from implementing a safer IDmanagement system?

In close cooperation with its long-term system partner Bosch Energy and Building Solutions, evolutionID has fundamentally simplified and streamlined ID card production and many other functions at a major insurance company with its ID management system IDfunction.

RFID is a smart and contactless identification technology that can help you digitalise ID management. RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. Each RFID transponder has an encrypted code or serial number which can be assigned to a person or an object.

Identity management and access management are two terms widely used in IT security and IT data management. Commonly known as Identity and Access Management (IAM), both terms are often misused and can create confusion. What is the difference between identity management and access management? Two essential concepts are necessary to differentiate them: authentication and authorisation.

evolutionID now offers a login via Single Sign On (SSO) for its web-based ID management system IDfunction: The user only needs to authenticate himself once, and the administrator also saves a lot of unnecessary effort.