evolutionID now offers a login via Single Sign On (SSO) for its web-based ID management system IDfunction: The user only needs to authenticate himself once, and the administrator also saves a lot of unnecessary effort.

As the central contact point for artificial intelligence (AI), the competence platform KI.NRW published the first interactive AI map for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2020. With over 500 entries, the KI.Landkarte provides a comprehensive overview of the AI location in NRW and creates visibility for AI experts from business, science and research.

Software attacks and data breaches are common security threats to organizations. These software attacks can get access to the company’s data through its network. Strong Identity-Management can help safeguard the data and prevent your organization from several threats like ransomware, hacking, and malware attacks.

Digital ID management requires photo acquisition, which is not only costly, but also time consuming and troublesome. IDfunction offers the perfect solution to this problem, reducing time, effort and costs by up to 90%.

As a full-service provider, primion Technology GmbH, Stetten am kalten Markt, supplies hardware and software for integrated security technology, access control and time and attendance. For the encoding of ID cards and media, the renowned company relies on IDfunction – the ID management solution from evolutionID GmbH.

In the historic center of Berlin, between the Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz, the newly opened Humboldt Forum is a center of culture and science. The center of identity management comes from evolutionID.

Protection against manipulation and data theft can only be achieved through a chain of measures – and this is only as strong as its weakest element. Physical Identity and Access Management is central authorization management for all applications in the enterprise – the combination of access authorization and secure login. Practical implementation is just as important as the security concept.

With a multitude of systems and regulations that change at short notice, there are currently various places and ways to manage authorizations. Central and up-to-date Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) lifts users to a level of modern efficiency and security.

Since 24.11.2021, the 3G rule has been in force at the workplace, and employers are responsible for compliance. If you don’t want to waste precious working time, you need central, up-to-date identity management – and not just during the pandemic.

Modern steering systems are the domain of thyssenkrupp Presta AG, Lichtenstein. For precise control of modern vehicles, a large number of system components must match precisely – just as is indispensable for central identity management. Here, the evolutionID team thought a step further and found the best combination of RFID and PKI (2FA).