7 Effective Steps for Identity-Management

7 Effective Steps for Identity-Management

Software attacks and data breaches are common security threats to organizations. These software attacks can get access to the company’s data through its network. Strong Identity-Management can help safeguard the data and prevent your organization from several threats like ransomware, hacking, and malware attacks.

Here are the things to consider while choosing an ID management system to ensure the safety of your organization’s data.

1- Effective User Provisioning

User provision encompasses the process of creating, updating, and deleting identities for the user from within the organization and beyond. It takes into account the types of users that would need access, the applications, and resources required, the extent of access, and success metrics. It helps provide the right resources to the users at a lower cost. If done right, user provisioning can help elevate user productivity, reduce security risks and provide automation.

2- Single Identity-Management Across the Platform

Depending on the organization’s nature there can be different types of users: managing partners, employees, suppliers, customers, etc. It is suitable to have one identity for a user within a group rather than having multiple identities. Single identity makes it easier for the company to provide resources to the user. On the other hand, a singular ID system also helps users navigate through the registration process.

3- Prompt Access to Resources

One cannot stress enough how important it is for users to have quick access to all the resources in one place. evolutionID provides a workflow engine that connects more than 350 applications viable for businesses. It not only provides automation but also helps create an integrated workflow system to save time.

4- Multi-factor Authentication

You have to gain the trust of your user while they entrust you with their personal information by having a secure authentication system. IDfunction makes use of biometrics and smart cards while creating your identity and uses a double factor authentication to establish the highest trust level between users and the organization.

5- Single sign-on for the Platform

Remembering a password for every other application you have to use is a complete nuisance. A single sign-on interface that manages multiple systems lowers the administrative overhead of the IT department. It also relieves the user from the annoyance of remembering multiple passwords.

6- Easy Registration Process

Digitalization of identities and biometric security systems highly depend on image acquisition. It is not only time-consuming but also costs a lot. IDfunction provides a state-of-the-art AI-based image acquisition system to make this process a breeze. Users can take selfies using their smartphones or upload an existing photo and create a digital identity while adhering to branding requirements and security standards.

7- All-in-one Mobile Access

Account mobility is important as employees often have to travel for work or some companies have hybrid and remote working models. So, a centralized identity management system like the one offered by evolutionID enables users to securely access devices, buildings, and online resources irrespective of their location.

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